Mirka® DEOS Delta 663CV - Direct Electrical Orbital Sander for Corners

SKU: MID6630201AN


The Basics

The Mirka DEOS Delta 663CV is a lightweight, compact and low-profile sander which gets closer to the edge, easily accessing hard to reach areas. It is ideal for a variety of sanding applications including corners and close to edge sanding. 

A new Mirka® DEOS for corners

The new Mirka® DEOS Delta makes sanding corners faster and easier than ever before.

This new sander has all the great features that our Mirka sanding machines are known for, including:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Great ergonomics
  • Low weight and low profile

It’s easier to sand with it, especially when working on vertical areas.

This new sander has the largest orbital movement of all delta sanders on the market making it the perfect partner for effective and fast stock removal.

A flawless surface from corner to corner. The new Mirka® DEOS 663CV Delta makes it possible, faster and easier than ever before. Sand without strain, even when reaching overhead, as the Mirka DEOS Delta weighs less than 1 kg. Reach comfortably into tight spaces with a sander that is just 10 cm high. Sanding is 50 % more effective* thanks to the powerful brushless motor and 3 mm orbit.

Smarter, too, with integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth connectivity that gives you vibration, speed and usage data available at your fingertips. This new addition to the Mirka DEOS family takes corner sanding to the next level.

    Sand Longer with Less Strain

    No more aching muscles. The Mirka DEOS Delta weighs less than 1 kg, which makes it more than 20 % lighter than competitor delta sanders on the market.

    Get Closer to the Surface

    Reach into the nooks and crannies. The low profile – only 10 cm – gets you 30 % closer to the surface at any angle, giving you unsurpassed control.

    Remove More Stock

    Work faster. With a 3mm orbit, you get 50 % more effective stock removal than regular delta sanders – while still keeping vibration levels low for comfort.

      Easy warranty registration - 2+1 years

      All Mirka power tools have a standard two-year warranty. Get an additional 1 year of warranty by registering your tool within 30 days of purchase.  To make the registration process as easy as possible, you can do it via the myMirka app or through our web service. Download the myMirka app and register now!

      Sand smarter with myMirka

      Mirka DEOS has an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth® technology.

      Thanks to the myMirka app you can:

      • Follow-up vibration and speed data.
      • Fill in the warranty registration in a few clicks
      • Find manuals
      • Get the latest news on Mirka and its new products 

      Equipped with our patented vibration sensor

      At Mirka we put your health in focus  and we are aware of the harmful vibrations generated when working with sanders. That is why we have developed an app to respond to the growing importance of health and safety in the workplace and specifically to help workers avoid harmful vibrations.

      Both Mirka DEOS and Mirka DEROS are equipped with Bluetooth low energy technology. The sanders can be connected to the myMirka app via Bluetooth. myMirka is the platform providing digital services and connectivity solutions.

      Mirka® Pad Savers

      Protect an orbital sander backing pad from wearing out, the pad saver will wear out before the backing pad. 

      The cost-effective pad saver, positioned between the backing pad and the sanding disk will prolong the life of the backing pad. Available for the DEROS, DEOS and LEROS.  

      RangeDEOS Delta 663CV
      Size 100 x 152 mm
      Mains Frequency50/60 Hz
      Power Input250 W
      Speed5,000 - 10,000 rpm
      Noise Level (LpA)68 dB(A)
      Vibration Level2.6m/s
      Size of Pad100 x 152 x 152mm
      PackagingCardboard Box

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