Mirka® LEROS - Long Electrical Random Orbital Sander


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Mirka LEROS Basics:

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The Mirka® LEROS Long Electrical Random Orbital Drywall Sander is the lightest and most innovative wall and ceiling sander on the market suitable for drywall and a wide range of applications. It is the first and only random orbital drywall and ceiling sander available worldwide. This unique brushless sander features industry-first innovations, including a sanding head with 180-degree flexibility, 5 mm random orbital movement and 3.5kg weight, making it extremely light and easy to use. 


    What's Included?

    • Motor positioned near the pad - no wire between motor and pad resulting in less maintenance
    • 5mm Orbit Movement - superior finish and much easier to operate compared to rotary sanders (all other wall sanders are rotary sanders) 
    • Full force system - random orbital movement in combination with unique pad design enables Mirka to leave out brushes. 100% of the pressure actually goes to sanding
    • Only 3.5kg - easier and more ergonomic sanding reduces fatigue and increases your productivity
    • Variable speed control 4,000 - 8,000 RPM - enables optimal control when working. Soft start motor protects the surface and tool.
    • Integrated hose support - no breakage of the hose when sander is leaning towards the wall
    • Ergonomic Handle - enables various positions of the hand for better ergonomics. T-Shape handle gives extensive reach. Extension shaft available for higher reach. 
    • Brushless motor technology - allows compact design and no need to change carbon brushes, less downtime and extends tool life.
    • Constant speed under load - no loss in power under heavy pressure
    • Dust-free sanding - Combine with Mirka Abranet net abrasives and dust extractors for dust-free sanding. 
    • Patented motor controller - enables a light and strong sander
    • Dual suction points - superior suction in from the head removes weight from the users hands, reducing fatigue. 
    • 180 degree flexibility in the sanding head
    • Fixation point of the pad is close to the surface for more stable and smooth sanding
    • 350 W brushless motor comparable to 500 W traditional motor
    • Continuous temperature monitoring in motor and controller card

    180 degree flexibility. 100% comfort.

    The flexible and practical design gives unmatched advantages, such as ergonomic working positions and less strain on the operator's body and back. At less than 3.5 kg, the operator can sand for longer periods without fatigue.

    Perfection from any angle

    With Mirka LEROS, the operator can work very close to corners thanks to the sanding head and backing pad design. Due to the random orbital movement, Mirka LEROS responds precisely to the operator's movements making the drywall sanding process easy. In addition, it also creates a smoother better finish.

    Complete solution

    Combine Mirka  LEROS with Mirka's dust-free net abrasives and a suitable dust extraction system  to create a cleaner and healthier working environment when sanding drywalls.  Not only will it speed up the sanding process, it will also save you time and money.

    Easy warranty registration - 2+1 years

    All Mirka power tools have a standard two-year warranty. Get an additional 1 year of warranty by registering your tool within 30 days of purchase.  To make the registration process as easy as possible, you can do it via the myMirka app or through our web service. 

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    Mirka LEROS Range Guide - Technical Data

    OptionMirka® LEROS 950CV
    Power Input350 W
    Speed4,000 - 8,000 RPM
    Size of Pad225mm
    Noise Level84 dB
    Vibration Level2.5 (m/s2)
    Dust SystemCentral Vacuum Ready
    Pad includedMIW9564311
    Main Frequency50/60 Hz