Piusi AdBlue® Hose Reel Range

SKU: F0075007C


Piusi AdBlue® Hose Reel Range



The Piusi AdBlue™ Hose Reel range, through careful design, has been developed to limit pressure loss for high flow AdBlue pump applications.

These spring rewind retractable hose reels can be supplied either as a bare hose reel or complete with hose, and are designed for mounting onto a wall or inside an AdBlue storage tank. 


  • Automatic spring rewind AdBlue™ hose reel
  • Maximum operating pressure - 10 bar
  • Pressure Drop - 8m Hose - 0.4 Bar @ 35 l/min
  • Pressure Drop - 15m Hose - 0.6 Bar @ 35 l/min
  • Reduced pressure loss hydraulic sizing
  • Protected latch mechanism which prevents injury
  • Adjustable arm brackets for easy positioning
  • Hose stop for locking at the chosen length
  • Optional fixed or rotating support plate
  • Can be supplied with or without hose 

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