Piusi K400 Pulse Meter 1/2in BSP F00440200

SKU: F00440200


Piusi K400 Pulse Meter 1/2in BSP F00440200



  • suitable for use with Diesel and Lubricants

    Overview Piusi K400

    The Piusi K400 Pulse Meter is designed to measure the dispensing of diesel fuel and lubrication oil through an oval gear system.

    The pulse meter has no electronic display as it used to interface consumption information with external management systems, or indicators allowing the information to be read and stored elsewhere.

    The Piusi K400 Pulse Meter is ideal for industrial applications where fluid delivery control is required at highly accurate levels. They can also be used in conjunction with a commercial fuel delivery pump either part of or externally inline.

    Features Piusi K400

    • Flow rate: 1-30ltr Per Min
    • Fluid viscosity: 1-2000 or 5-5000 (depending on model)
    • Pulses: 100 Per Ltr
    • 1/2” F BSP Inlet/Outlet
    • Oval gear system
    • Accuracy +/-0.5% after calibration

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