GO One & Two Bedroom Prep Kit (38 pc)



The DIYer all-in-one prep kit.

This is the perfect starter kit for any DIY project of a one or two-bedroom proportion. 

Containing every surface and area prep and protection goody we know essential to make your project much easier and more enjoyable. 

Though there are several consumable items - like kraft paper, tape and the like - many of these are a buy-once-and-have-forever sort of products.

Some of our personal favourites include:

Valued at $610.20 you're saving $76.26.

Everything here is used and trusted by pro-DIYer's and contractors the like. 38 pieces and 24kg of prime prep gear.

Kit Includes

1 x iQuip Paper and Film Dispenser
6 x 36mm Envo tape
1 x 24mm iGecko tape
1 x 3 Pack 300mm ProMask
1 x 1800mm pre-folded film
1 x 2700mm pre-folded film

10 x Mirka GoldFlex P180 sheets

1 x iQuip Nylon Drip-Free Gap Gun
4 x
300mL Soudal Fill and Paint
1 x 900mL Soudal Light Speed Filler
1 x iQuip Bonum Flexible Filling Blades 4 pt Kit
1 x 1.5kg Builders Bog

1 x 
Bahco Triangular Scraper
1 x Bahco Scraper
1 x iQuip 2 Edge Knife

1 x 
Cardboard Spray Shield
1 x iQuip Canvas drop sheets (3pk)
2 x iQuip 15L Pail & lid
2 x iQuip 4L Pail & lid

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