SANKI Bowser Diesel or Petrol 80lpm Flow Rate Single Hose NMI Approved SK10GF111B



SANKI Bowser Diesel or Petrol Single Hose NMI Approved SK10GF111B



Sanki SK10 Features

  • 80lpm dispensing for Diesel / 50lpm Dispensing for Petrol
  • NMI Approved for Resale / ATO Fuel Rebate Claims
  • Compact Design
  • Single Hose Output
  • Approved and Suitable for use with Diesel and Petrol
  • ANZEx Electrical Approval
  • Available also in a Dispenser configuration for use in a pressurised dispensing system integrated with a submersible pump
  • High performance electronic parts
  • High quality explosion-proof motor featuring integrated resistance against power fluctuation
  • Specially designed filtering systems with integrated cleanable filter
  • Designed for use in harsh conditions, including extremely cold, hot, humid, and sand-stormy environments
  • LED backlit single sided retail display

Sanki SK10 Technical

Accuracy for the unit


Flow rate


Ambient temperature

-25℃~ +55℃; -40℃ ~ +50℃

Relative humidity

20% - 95%

Unit noise rate

< 70dB (A);

Inlet vacuum rate for   suction pump



With RS 485 port, or current loop

Power supply

AC 220V ( -15%~+10%),   (50/60±1)Hz ;

Digit of sale

7 digits (decimal points can be adjusted )

Digit of volume

6 digits (decimal points can be adjusted )

Digit of unit price

5 digits (decimal points can be adjusted )

Totaliser of sale


Totaliser of volume




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