Tradequip Engine Crane Load Leveller 1030

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Tradequip Engine Crane Load Leveller 1030



The perfect accessory for our engine cranes, this engine leveler reduces the hazards and hassles out of balancing heavy, awkward loads and helps protect engines, transmissions and vehicle damage. Perfect for removing and installing engines, it easily adjusts the angle of the engine simply by turning the swivel handle and is compatible with most good brands of engine cranes.The load leveler includes four 300mm chains with support brackets for increased load security and safety.


  • Easy to use, just crank to level
  • Tilts forward and backward for easy motor mount alignment
  • Heavy duty steel I-beam construction
  • Balances engine/transmission for easier installation or removal
  • Constructed of high-grade steel and built to exacting standards for quality and durability
  • Lead-free paint finish is applied after a thorough chemical wash to ensure a long-lasting finish and to help prevent rust
  • Paint is oil, grease and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup
  • Easily adapts to different engine cranes and improves the install/removal operation
  • 4-point mounting system provides maximum control
  • Worm drive shaft rotates with a built-in swivel handle for easy balancing
  • 3 adjustable chain assembly holes for different engine sizes


  • 680kg Safe Working Capacity
  • Chain Length: 300mm
  • 3 position chain anchor
  • 4-point engine mounts
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