Tradequip Workshop Fan Floor 450mm 1045

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Tradequip Workshop Fan Floor 450mm 1045

The Tradequip 450mm high velocity industrial floor fan provides portable cooling and adds ventilation wherever it's needed. It controls the climate and improves workplace comfort featuring low, medium and high selectable fan speeds for maximum efficency.

This floor fan offers high-velocity output, thanks to its 220W 240V motor. The enclosed direct drive motor is protected from dust and debris to provide years of reliable service. The 3-speed switch gives you control over the airflow, and vertical tilt helps you control angle. Solid metal construction with durable steel blades. 

Despite what some of our competitors may say "These are the same trusted "Industrial Quality Tradequip Fans" we have been selling for the past 10 years"

Quality Construction and Materials

  • Built with an all-metal structure and heavy-gauge chromium steel wire grille and cage for maximum toughness, durability and safety
  • Portable with thick rubber stoppers that do not mark, and grip any surface to keep the fan secure

Fully Enclosed Direct Drive Motor

  • The fully enclosed motor provides years of reliable service by preventing the build-up of dust and debris in vital areas
  • Direct drive motor runs on less power and requires less maintenance compared to other motors

Built To Get The Job Done

  • This industrial quality floor fan makes workplaces more comfortable by using aerodynamically balanced steel blades to deliver plenty of airflow, cooling large areas fast
  • The vertical tilt feature always allows you to direct the air where you need it
  • Manufactured to TQB Brands specifications with safety in mind that exceeds Australian Standards requirements


  • 240V/50Hz/220W 3 Speed Motor
  • 450mm Steel 3 Blade Fan
  • Adjustable Flow Angle
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