Trafalgar Emergency Eye and Face Wash 856472

SKU: 856472


Trafalgar Emergency Eye and Face Wash 856472



Product Summary

  • Complies with AS4775-2007
  • Safe cleaning action for eyes and face
  • Soft spray gently washes away contaminants
  • Regulated flow
  • 300mm round stainless steel bowl Wall mounted and easily activated by stainless steel handle
  • Valve assembly:15mm BSPF chrome plated brass, full port stay-open ball valve
  • Water Supply: 15mm Internal pipe size
  • Flow Rate: Balance control screw and 30L per minute flow control, dust caps included

Product Details

Speakman eyewash stations are made to withstand the most toughest working environments. This Speakman eyewash station provides soft dual streams of aerated water to instantly wash away contaminants from soft membrane areas, following eye contours more closely.

The eye wash unit is designed as a first response solution, when individuals come into contact with potentially damaging chemicals, in the areas surrounding the eyes and face. The station can be used in may workplaces where the risk of chemical contact is likely.

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