Graco Sprayer Not Priming? 2-Step Fix to Get You Spraying Again

Having issues priming your Graco airless sprayer?  

After stepping away from a primed machine, it's not uncommon for a sprayer to get "stuck" and need a quick hand to get you spraying again.

So, before you reach out to your service agent, here is a 2-step fix you can try on-site.

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Watch the video:

    | Depicted: Graco Ultra Max II 495PC Pro

1. The mallet tap. 

    (01:40 in video)

First up, while the unit is on, running, and in prime mode – try lighting tapping the lower section of the pump with a rubber mallet. 

There are balls located in these sections that are crucial to build pressure. If these balls get stuck, for whatever reason, a tap of the mallet might be the thing to get them moving again. 

2. Clean lower pump.

    (02:37 in video)

If Step 1 doesn't work, time to for a quick clean.

Ensuring no pressure in the unit - IMPORTANT - carefully unscrew the lower pump sections. Tap the section upside-down and you should see a white O-ring, a flat washer (the seat), a ball and a cage that holds it all together (03:53 in video). 

Check for any obvious chunks of paint or anything that may be causing the ball from not sealing – give it a good clean in some water and check the top ball by poking a thin screwdriver or pin punch in the section of the pump that is still attached to the unit. You should be able to feel a ball that moves up and down within that section. 

If both balls appear fine, reassemble the lower pump and put it back on the pump. Run the unit and try Step 1 again. 

3. Time for that call.

Still not working? 

If you're at this stage it's time to reconsider that call to our service team. We might be able to do some over-the-phone diagnosis and help guide you through the next steps. Worse case, we'll have your sprayer on the road to recovery in our service centre.

Still have questions? Leave a comment - someone else might have the same one.

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Happy spraying.

The GO Team