Donaldson Filter Element hP 4um P565184

SKU: P565184


Donaldson Filter Element hP 4um P565184



Filtering oil prior to dispensing into equipment is critical to meet the ISO cleanliness specifications demanded by today’s OEM’s. Donaldson Bulk hP filters provide high efficiency filtration in a single pass.

Workshops use high pressure pumps to force oil through long lengths of piping and hose reels prior to dispensing into equipment.

Donaldson Bulk hP filters remove contaminants delivered in oil and picked up in storage or delivery lines during final transfer. They ensure the required ISO cleanliness level is met every time.


  • Up to 1000 psi / 6894 kPa / 68.9 bar working pressure
  • Extended life filters with high dirt holding capacity
  • Easy disposal with recyclable can and incinerable element
  • Compact design requires only 1.5" / 38 mm clearance for servicing


Part Number




Target ISO Cleanliness




Fluid Compatibility

Petroleum based oils

Max. Flow Range

50 gpm / 189 lpm

Micron Rating & Efficiency

4 micron

@ Beta 2000

8 micron

@ Beta 2000

14 micron

@ Beta 2000

Working Pressure

1000 psi / 6894 kPa / 68.9 bar

Element Collapse Pressure


300 psi / 2068 kPa / 20.7 bar


Hydraulic, gear, transmission and engine oils

Rated Static Burst

2200 psi / 15,168 kPa / 151.7 bar


WARNING - THERMAL EXPANSION Donaldson highly advises following the pump manufacturer’s relief recommendations. Pump manufacturers offer relief valves to protect against over pressuriSation. A mere 10 °F / 5.5 °C increase in oil temp can add 450 psi / 3103 kPa / 31 bar to the system while the pump is shut off.

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