GRACO Hopper Electric Texture Sprayer TexSpray RTX 5500PX 17K680

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GRACO Hopper Electric Texture Sprayer TexSpray RTX 5500PX 17K680

  • Electric Texture Sprayer
  • The TexSpray RTX 5500PX is configured to tackle exterior jobs of all sizes with 240V power.
  • The RTX 5500PX is ideal for the large residential and commercial contractor needing a compact yet powerful texture sprayer capable of handling a wide variety of materials, such as synthetic stuccos, deck coatings, stone paints and more. 


                              • Extra Large Capacity Hopper
                                • Holds up to 57 litres of materials for less time spend refilling the hopper
                              • 240V MaxPower Brushless DC Motor
                                • Allows the trouble-free use of long extension cords with less circuit breaker issues
                                • Totally enclosed, fan-cooled design protects the motor from dust, dirt and other debris
                                • Brushless design means you never need to replace brushes
                                • Connects to standard 220-240 volt L6-30 receptacle (3-wire) on most distribution boxes or generators
                                • Run in high-output 16 amp mode or set to 10 amps for jobs with power limitations
                              • SmartStart System
                                • Innovative system automatically starts pump and compressor when gun trigger is pulled, and shuts them off when released
                                • Provides a soft-start to eliminate material blast that can impact finish
                                • Reduces noise and vibration
                                • Extends life of pump and compressor
                              • WideTex Hardened Tips & Adapter
                                • Allows spraying in a uniform fan pattern
                                • Spray repeatable patterns with less material and pressure adjustment
                                • Increases productivity by more than 20%
                              • Heavy-Duty Aluminium Trigger Gun with Integrated Prime Selector
                                • Durable aluminium design
                                • Oversized fluid/air passages
                                • Allows unit to be put in prime mode on the gun
                              • RotoFlex HD Pump
                                • Features an innovative braided sling that provides extra support to the RotoFlex pump tube
                                • 5.5 gpm output to get the job done quickly - job site proven!
                              • Twin-Cylinder High-Output Air Compressor
                                • High-output design delivers 33% more air for demanding finishes
                                • Maintenance-free design
                                • Projects materials farther
                                • Runs at a lower RPM for longer life
                                • 9.1 cfm output at 20 PSI
                              • 1 1/4 inch Skip-Bond Material/Air Hose
                                • Both hoses are permanently bonded together for easy handling
                                • Offers improved flexibility
                              • FlexChange Pump Section
                                • No-tools pump replacement system—now easier than ever!
                                • Swap out a spare RotoFlex pump in seconds
                                • Eliminate costly job site downtime
                              • Adjustable Material Flow Control
                                • Dial up to spray thicker materials
                                • Dial down for less flow and maximum control
                                • Easy-to-read gauge


                                      • 1 1/4 in x 25 ft Material Hose
                                      • 3/8 in x 25 ft Air Hose
                                      • Heavy Duty Texture Gun
                                      • 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm Round Nozzles
                                      • WideTex Adapter with 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, XL Hardened W Tips


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