GRACO JetRoller Range

SKU: 24U170

$526.15 $570.90

Save time and money - Combine the speed of airless paint spraying and the finish of backrolling in one piece of gear.

Some paint applications require the use of backrolling to meet finish specifications. To achieve this, the common practice is to have two people paint a single surface - with one person spraying and the other following with a roller. This takes extra time yet alone twice the cost.

Graco's Jetroller system combines these two roles into one piece of gear, easily getting that finish but at half the cost and up to 4x the speed.

Quick Features

What's the Difference Between the Pressure Roller and JetRoller? 

The main difference in the Pressure Roller range is that fluid is fed through the roller, delivering an even distribution of paint with no overspray. The JetRoller on the other hand uses the CleanShot Shut-Off Valve to spray fluid onto the surface and the roller attachment above the CleanShot acts as a back roller.

While the JetRoller kit is generally more expensive, it does offer more versatility, with the option for using any roller sleeve brand or size (up to 460mm). You can also remove the roller attachment and use the system purely as a heavy-duty extension with the 180-degree rotatable CleanShot.

What's included?

There are two JetRoller assemblies available:

1.  Without an in-line spray gun but with a 45˚ spray gun attachment 
    • Only available for kit purchase with 230mm frame as standard

2.  With an in-line spray gun

    • Available 230mm, 270mm or 460mm frames as standard

In the Box

  • 18 in (46 cm) Adjustable Roller Handle Assembly,
  • 12 in (31 cm) Roller Handle Extension,
  • 20 in (51 cm) Heavy-Duty Extension,
  • CleanShot Shut-Off Valve,
  • WR 1223 SwitchTip and Guard,
  • 45˚ Swivel Adaptor  (only SKU: 24U170)
  • Contractor In-Line Valve (only SKU:  24U172, 24X605 or 24W128)


  • JetRoller frame attachment handle extension 30cm - 24V832

Roller Frames

(Note: all roller frames work with both assembly types, ensure proper matching of spray tip)

Ideal accessory to use with virtually any airless sprayer!

  • Saves Time & Money – Combines rolling and spraying into one action
  • In-line Valve – Eliminates dipping the roller in paint and is up to 2x faster than standard rolling
  • Easily Detachable Handle – Use the spray extension or hand roller independently
  • Better Tip Technology – Overspray is virtually eliminated
  • CleanShot™ Shut-Off Valve – Eliminates spits and drips
  • Flexible Design – Uses industry standard roller covers and extension

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