GRACO JetRoller Range

SKU: 24U170


GRACO JetRoller Range

  • Airless Accessories
  • 3 tools in 1
  • The speed of spraying combined with the quality of rolling
  • Lightweight and portable, the JetRoller consists of a spray roller, a spray extension and a hand roller in one complete kit.
  • It fits existing airless sprayers and is the ideal time-saving addition to your painting arsenal.
  • The JetRoller combines rolling and spraying into one action, saving time and labor on spray/back roll projects.
  • Ideal for rough or porous surfaces, the JetRoller minimises overspray and delivers a consistent quality finish.


Ideal accessory to use with virtually any airless sprayer!

  • Saves Time & Money – Combines rolling and spraying into one action
  • In-line Valve – Eliminates dipping the roller in paint and is up to 2x faster than standard rolling
  • Easily Detachable Handle – Use the spray extension or hand roller independently
  • Better Tip Technology – Overspray is virtually eliminated
  • CleanShot™ Shut-Off Valve – Eliminates spits and drips
  • Flexible Design – Uses industry standard roller covers and extensions


                  DATA SHEET


                  Product Range:

                  • 24U170 JetRoller System 230mm complete with 45˚ adapter to connect to airless spray gun (BYO airless spraygun)
                  • 24U172 JetRoller Complete 230mm Complete with In-Line Valve (Gun)
                  • 24X605 JetRoller Complete 270mm Complete with In-Line Valve (Gun) 
                  • 24W128 JetRoller System 460mm, Complete with In-Line Valve (Gun) 
                  • 24V829 JetRoller Handle Frame only 230mm
                  • 24X651 JetRoller Handle Frame only 270mm 
                  • 24W130 Jet Roller Handle Frame only 460mm
                  • 24V832 JetRoller Handle Extension 30cm

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