GRACO Spray Gun Cleaning Kits

SKU: 15C161


GRACO Spray Gun Cleaning Kits

  • High Quality Spray Gun Cleaning Kits
  • HVLP and Ultimate Cleaning kits to give you better spray gun operation
  • Graco's HVLP and Ultimate spray gun cleaning kits include all the tools you need to maintain your spray guns and keep them lasting longer.


  • Durable, solvent-compatible storage - keeps your tools organised!
  • Stainless steel components resist corrosion and are compatible with solvents
  • Resistant to MEK, acetone, xylene, lacquer thinner and mineral spirits

Ordering Information

  • 15C161 - Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit
  • 15C162 - HVLP Gun Cleaning Kit
  • 256954 - Deluxe Cleaning Kit - Includes Deailed Brushes and Picks

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