Piusi EX50 Pump 240V AC 50lpm F0037300A

SKU: F0037300A


Piusi EX50 Pump 240V AC 50lpm F0037300A



  • suitable for use with Diesel / ULP / Aviation Fuels

    Overview Piusi EX50

    The Piusi EX50 is an ATEX approved pump, available in 240v or 12v, for the dispensing of flammable liquids such as Petrol, AVGAS and Jet A1 Aviation Fuels.   The Piusi EX50 is designed for mobile or static transfer of flammable or combustible liquids in a zone one environment.  The Piusi EX50 meets UL, ATEX and Australia electrical standards for explosion proof equipment. The pump features a sturdy cast iron body and integrated bypass valve.

    Designed for fuel dispensing and transfer, not fuel recirculation systems.

    Please note: Power cables & connectors are dependant upon the individual site risk assessment for the connection method between the ATEX Piusi pump and power source.

    Features Piusi EX50

    • Explosion proof kerosene, diesel and petrol transfer pump
    • Suitable for AVGAS, AVJET A1, Aspen 2, Aspen 4 & petrol with 15% ethanol blend
    • Integrated bypass valve
    • Maximum flow rate: 50ltr Per Min
    • Duty cycle: 30 min on/ 60 min off
    • Anti-noise filter
    • Cast iron construction
    • ATEX pump certified for Zone 1
    • Viton seals
    • Available in 12v and 230v


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