Husky Adblue® Breakaway Coupling Reconnectable HU-8216

SKU: HU-8216


Husky Adblue® Breakaway Coupling Reconnectable HU-8216



The Husky AdBlue Safe-T-Break® breakaway coupling is designed to disconnect the hose and nozzle from the pump, in situations where the nozzle is still attached to the fill point and the vehicle drives off.

The Husky Safe-T-Breaks® breakaway coupling prevent the whole AdBlue™ tank installation from being ripped away, therefore stopping AdBlue, otherwise known as DEF, from spilling out onto the floor. This Husky breakaway coupling is 100% compatible with AdBlue and is re-usable, therefore helping to prevent damage and fuel spillages again and again once reconnected.


  • Reusable Husky breakaway coupling
  • Instant closing, dual poppet check valve
  • 100% AdBlue compatible parts
  • Comes as standard with scuff guard
  • Separates at less than 200 lbs / 889.6 N to minimise backlash force of separation, reducing damage to equipment

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