Graco Line Markers & Field Markers

Line markers and field markers for easier, more effective line marking. From sports fields to car parks - we've got you covered.

Line markers and field markers - What's the difference?

Field markers, as the name suggests, are line marker machines specially designed of "off road" applications: sports stadiums, local councils, football / school fields, etc. These marking machines can be distinguished by their smaller size and larger wheels, compared to their pavement-marking brothers.

Graco Australia features two field units: the S90 and the S100. S90 is a high-pressure battery powered sprayer, and the S100 a Honda petrol-driven solution.

If you're looking at large-scale field marking jobs, don't be too worried about size! We often pair our mid-range line marking units to tackle the volume of paint needing to be applied; making it quick and easy to do multiple fields

Line markers are heavier units dedicated for pavement marking. They feature differfent configurations for different intensities of usage and applications contexts. These include both electric and petrol power options, one or two spray guns, different alignment/laser guides; push, stand on or self-propelled configurations, plus a range of additional features (e.g. line drivers, etc.)

Why Graco Line Markers?

Graco line markers are built with the user in mind.

  • Quality - 90 years of R&D backing their US-based design and manufacturing.
  • Service & support - GO Industrial are authorised warranty and repair agents, get in contact to book a service.
  • Easy, efficient & ergonomic - save time, frustration, money and labour on each job. Graco are optimised for the end user.
  • Complete range of spray tips and line marking accessories - Graco supports more than the markers, they have an entire range of specifically design gear to perfectly compliment your workflow.

How to choose a Graco line marker?

3 Key Questions:

  • What you using it for?
  • How often are you using?
  • How big is the job?

Addition Feature Filtering:

  • Electric or petrol powered
  • How many guns do you need?
  • What alignment/guidance systems do you need?
  • Do you need a bead system assembly?

Example: Small to medium carparks with need for only one spray gun, the Graco 3400 is a great unit. Have an airport or large carpark that demands more regularity and absolute accuracy on every line? You might need something like the Graco 200HS, a hydrualic, petrol powered line marker with the option for computer automated spray gun activation.

For a personalised recommendation and quote, get in contact and start the conversation.

Graco Line Marker Service & Support

Stuff happens. Whether by accident or wear, when you're using these workhorse units you will eventually need service work done. Breakdowns, dried paint in the lines, bead system assembly - you don't have the time or spare energy to spend working these things out. That's why we're here.

GO Industrial are Graco authorised service and warranty agents, trained by Graco themselves. We've got inhouse service guys who have worked with our complete range of line markers, and be able to keep your sprayer spraying for longer.

If you need a hand, even just trouble shooting onsite, give us a call or email. We're more than happy to help!